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E Vicititatione

E Vikipaedia "Vicipaedia:Namespace" in origine.

The 15 auxiliary namespaces (in fact 11, the 4 for Categories and Help are not used) are the following (also the variables for them are shown):

{{ns:1}} Disputatio
{{ns:2}} Usor
{{ns:3}} Disputatio Usoris
{{ns:4}} Vicicitatio
{{ns:5}} Disputatio Vicicitationis
{{ns:6}} Fasciculus
{{ns:7}} Disputatio Fasciculi
{{ns:8}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} Disputatio MediaWiki
{{ns:10}} Formula
{{ns:11}} Disputatio Formulae
{{ns:12}} Auxilium
{{ns:13}} Disputatio Auxilii
{{ns:14}} Categoria
{{ns:15}} Disputatio Categoriae